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The High Performance Insulation Market is Booming

May 26th, 2015
The High Performance Insulation Market is Booming

According to a recent report from research firm Markets and Markets, the worldwide high performance insulation market is projected to balloon into a $6 billion industry by 2020. Currently, North American consumers comprise the epicenter of market growth, accounting for over half of the global market.


Next-generation insulating materials such as aerogels, ceramic fiber, and glass bubble insulators which were once relegated to space programs and experimental laboratory applications are now being employed in other well-established industries, driving the demand for these materials to unexpected heights.


According to the report, the oil industry is the currently the foremost consumer of high performance insulation materials. The fastest growth rates in the next five years are expected to come from construction and automotive industries. Automotive companies, in particular, stand to benefit from the improved acoustic performance and lightweight properties of these new insulating materials.


Aerogels are projected to see the highest increase in consumption. By virtue of their remarkable insulating capabilities, relatively low cost of production, and the abundant availability of their constituent raw materials, aerogels stand out as the most promising new high performance insulation materials. Meanwhile, the oil & gas is continuing to drive the demand for gas bubble insulation products.


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