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Tennessee Laboratory Unveils Next Gen Insulation

May 27th, 2015
Tennessee Laboratory Unveils Next Gen Insulation

Thermal insulation technology has been in development since, well, the dawn of human civilization. In the earliest days of R&D, our cave dwelling ancestors used whatever they had on hand –furs, earth, wool, etc. – to keep their homes and bodies warm. Later, the Romans discovered the remarkable insulating properties of cork and asbestos. During the industrial age, waste slag from furnaces was used extensively in building and industrial applications.


Today, researches are still searching for the next great breakthrough in insulation. According to a recent press release, the scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory outside of Knoxville, Tennessee believe they’ve found it. We’re still waiting to learn more about the new material, but here’s what we know so far.


Oak Ridge’s next generation insulation consists of foam insulation panels designed for use primarily in building applications. Preliminary estimates suggest that the foam panels could reduce heating and cooling loads in buildings by as much as 38 to 50 percent. The material has a projected R-Value of about 25, roughly equivalent to that of molded expanded polystyrene.


While the new material would be slightly more expensive than current insulation materials – roughly 30 cents per square foot more – it has the potential to save home and business owners a bundle on their utility bills.


Oak Ridge undertook the project in support of the Department of Energy’s initiative to cut energy consumption in buildings in half by 2030. Oak Ridge still has work to do to optimize the materials for widespread practical application, but before too long we’re likely to see the mysterious foam boards in construction projects all over the country.


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